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Enterprise Data Management and the Customer Experience

data_blog_image_1.jpgCorporate data can overwhelm even the most sophisticated organization as each new acquisition, IT system and customer initiative adds new levels of complexity. To be successful, organizations must find effective ways to deal with long-term issues such as ownership, disparate systems and overall data quality, while being opportunistic when it comes to improving customer relationships.

Standardize Data for a Personalized Customer Experience

Providing customers with a...

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STGroup specializes in products and service for Predictive Analytics:

Predictive analytics is the process of selecting, exploring, analysing and modelling data to create better business outcomes. in areas such as Competitor Analysis, Customer Insights, Demographic Profiling, Site Location, Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning.

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Some of our latest products:

MIMap2GO - Automated map production for MapInfo Professional:

MIMap2GO is an add-on for MapInfo Professional that enables you to choose any polygon layer (that contains multiple polygons such as suburbs, store trade areas or newspaper footprint distribution areas) that you would like to use to create individual maps for (i.e. one output map for each polygon in an image format such as BMP or JPG) automatically, quickly and easily! This allows you to increase productivity, efficiency, capacity and availability to service and answer those all important business questions.



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The South African Expenditure Indicator Product:

The SA Expenditure Indicator product indicates the propensity for total monthly retail spend potential (i.e. market size) of an area in terms of 12 different retail categories. The expenditure data is aggregated to EA and suburb level in order to make micro level decisions with regards to a local potential catchment area.




The 12 retail expenditure categories range from good & groceries; to health and beauty; to DIY & outdoor; to entertainment and much more!

Provided by Fernridge Consulting, the coverage of this product comprises 100 SA cities & towns which includes the 8 metropolitan areas.

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Africa Income Indicator:

Supplied by Fernridge Consulting, the Africa Income Indicator is a spatial dataset that provides 3 tiers of income ranges at either point (i.e. rooftop level); or a count of the points for each income tier which is then aggregated to suburb level in selected African destinations. This product enables the end-user to make to-the-point decisions with regards to the household income profile of a micro catchment area.




The income ranges are derived from property values. To uphold ownership of a property does require some form of income to afford maintenance, rates and taxes, etc. ‘If you cannot pay, you cannot stay’ applies in respect to the allocation of Income Groups / Ranges.

The dataset comprises 3 income ranges in a High / Medium / Low income scenario and currently shows the household income by suburb for 35 of the most important African cities. This number is shortly to be increased to 65 cities. The dataset is offered in three tiers, based on the number of households in the city.

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MapInfo Stratus:

Developed by Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) MapInfo Stratus is a web-based mapping application that provides current information and illustrates the geographic relationships between the location of assets, businesses, customers and services. The ST Group is proud to announce that it is fully certified to support PBBI Stratus!



Its customizable, interactive portal places the richness of location intelligence at the fingertips of those who need it. MapInfo Stratus provides 24/7 access to location-based data and analysis via the cloud—ideal for disseminating public information, enabling business users to fulfill mapping requests, and sharing geo-based enterprise data with co-workers, citizens, constituents and customers.


Stratus provides an efficient, easy-to-use and feature rich way to publish informative maps to your website for easy user access and interaction—with no GIS experience required. It harnesses the powerful analytic and visual capabilities of MapInfo Professional, enabling the use and layering of disparate data sets to create interactive maps.

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