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Founded in 1994, Spatial Technologies is the premier Location Intelligence partner for Pitney Bowes Software (MapInfo) in Africa. The company successfully deploys MapInfo Technology and Location Intelligence solutions across a broad spectrum of commerce industry throughout the continent. 

Latest News: 

President’s award for innovation: “SiteMarker" & "20 year’s service"


ST Group were honoured at the 2014 Pitney Bowes EMEA Annual Awards Ceremony in Noordwyk, Netherlands in October this year. CTO Jeff Connacher received the award for Innovation from James Brayshaw, Vice President Location Intelligence and Spectrum Business (MapInfo) EMEA, on behalf of ST Group. ST Group have signed a partnership agreement with Pitney Bowes for the sale and distribution by PB of the ST Group product SiteMarker, a predictive analytics product based on MapInfo Professional. ST Group also received a long-service award in recognition of 20 years of service as a Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence partner.

In this photo: Tim Barber (left) VP digital Commerce, PB EMEA, with Jeff Connacher ST Group CTO (Centre) and James Brayshaw (right)VP LI & Spectrum PB EMEA.


15th Annual ST Group User Conference

We recently hosted our 15th Annual ST Group User Conference (that took place in Johannesburg on 04 November 2014 and in Cape Town on 06 November 2014) – AND – it was our 20th birthday celebration this year. Our keynote speaker was once again James Brayshaw, Director and GM, EMEA, to lead Pitney Bowes Software’s Location Intelligence and GIS Division. Delegates heard about how Pitney Bowes Software is harnessing the cloud and how James is driving the development of the MapInfo enterprise GIS software portfolio. The ST Group also had some exciting news, not to mention the thrilling presentations from our guest speakers!

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First East African MapInfo GIS Seminar


The ST Group proudly hosted the First East African MapInfo GIS Seminar on the 24th and the 25th of June 2014 - at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The successful free 2 day seminar offered insight into how companies can derive real value from location intelligence (GIS) using MapInfo Professional (an array of base data, demographic and income datasets was showcased); and also offered an introduction of an essential technology offering to telecommunication organizations in the area of fibre networks and the management thereof using ConnectMaster.

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Early success with ST Group making inroads into the African Market


ST Group’s African development strategy has shown some success as Kenyan telecommunications companies Airtel and Safaricom have recently made significant investments in Location Intelligence. ST Group is also expanding their penetration of the telecommunications market with their asset management software, ConnectMaster through growth in the Mauritius-based Liquid Telecom Group and an initial sale to the government telecommunications organisation Zamtel in Zambia.

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SiteMarker hits the international stage


SiteMarker, which launched in early 2013, is set to hit the international stage. Pitney Bowes Software, owners of the MapInfo brand, commissioned ST Group to enhance the product for international release this month. After producing significant additional functionality, the product is now ready for a more general audience throughout the world and ST Group have entered into an international distribution agreement with Pitney Bowes Software for the sale of the product on an international basis through their branch and partner network.

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Leverage GIS to Generate New Insights and Produce Location-Intelligent BI

location-intelligent BI

Imagine that today one of your executives comes to you and says that she or he wants a view of all customers by geography. What will you provide - an extract of your CRM system in the form of spreadsheet? How helpful is that? How does that help them answer the questions that they don’t yet know need answering?

For about 30 years GIS technology has aided countless organizations visualize spatial data.  And while this is routinely used within organizations that need to...

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STGroup specializes in products and service for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the process of selecting, exploring, analysing and modelling data to create better business outcomes. We offer services and solutions in areas such as Store Feasibility Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Customer Insight and Demographic Profiling, Site Location, Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning.


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Product updates

SiteMarker Update

SiteMarker is a gravity model analytics tool that combines modelling with street and road network infrastructure and demographic data, in order to predict possible site locations. SiteMarker allows analysts to determine the best markets and the optimal number of sites within those markets in order to maximise the retail network, whether that means building new stores, consolidating branches or filling gaps that exhibit high potential. This is achieved through scoring and ranking markets based on the potential and identifying and ranking viable target sites within markets. SiteMarker also enables you to produce a detailed store forecast and allows you to model the potential impact a new store will have on existing stores. Reporting is also available from any base layer, such as consumer spend or demographics, into the DriveTime catchments.


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MapInfo Professional v12.5 is here!

MapInfo Professional as you’ve never seen it before! MapInfo Professional v12.5 is a next generation release bringing improved capabilities throughout the software. MapInfo Professional v12.5 brings major improvements to creating high quality cartographic output with improvements to the labelling, Legend Designer, Layout Window, scale bars and more. Other improvements include support for Windows 8, SQLite and PostGis v2.0, improved import/export capabilities, tools for converting linework to regions, many ease of use enhancements and lots more! .


See what's New in MapInfo Professional v12.5 (Overview)



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The BizIndicator is a joint initiative compiled by TomTom Africa, AC Braby and Spatial Technologies, and provides counts of businesses by suburb or place-name. The BizIndicator, which is geo-coded to street address, comprises over 190 000 companies that are grouped into more than 400 service classifications.


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"The ST Group strives to be the group of choice for providing Location Intelligence and Mobility solutions across the enterprise". 



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